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stores. he's on the phone with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> help us break down the stet lment. who is the real winner here? is it the retailer? >> unfortunately, it's not. the only winners are visa, mastercard and their banks. they have gotten a hall pass if this deal goes through. it's not a done deal. it's a proposal now. they have a hall pass to continue to raise their swipe fees without restraint and not have anybody be able to enforce the law against them. they have to be feeling good now. >> the swipe fee reduction is only for eight months. what could happen after that. it could go back up? >> i tell you, with the credit card companies, you always have to read the fine print. what you read this is remarkable. they are not even going to reduce the swipe fees for the eight months. what they are going to do is take the dollar value of that and roll it into the settlement. because there's nothing to change the structure of how they do things today, by the time the merchants actually get any of that money, swipe fees will have gone up by more than the amount of that money. me
>>> on the broadcast tonight, on the record mitt romney sits down with us one-on-one trying to set things straight after an ugly war of words over his business career. chemical weapons on the move in syria. where are they headed and why? u.s. officials are concerned as the violence there explodes. two weeks out and a lot of opening jitters in london. a massive show of force before the games begin. and here at home, growing controversy over those american olympic uniforms made in china. tonight the folks at ralph lauren are announcing a change. and making a difference for children in some of the toughest places on earth. a one woman dynamo still going strong at 90. a one woman dynamo still going strong at 90. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. mitt romney planned all along to run for president based on his private sector business experience. at the same time the obama campaign has had months to prepare an attack on mitt romney based on just that his private sector business experience. just today this issue and romney's past in
deliberately tried to harm passengers headed for the u.s. talking about six sewing needles hidden in six turkey sandwiches. >> things like this, i call malicious product tampering are done because there is is either some personal vendetta against the company. this may be some union or other activity prompting some type of work issue. it's trying to get back at management, other employees or the bottom line of the company. >> one of the needles stuck into the tongue of the passenger we just heard from. but another man had the roof of his mouth punctured. four more needles were found in similar meals to atlanta and seattle including one actually found by an air marshall. they were all lucky. if swallows a needle could lacerate the esophagus, the stomach, the intestines and that would be quite serious. shep. >> shepard: at delta they are probably thinking what in the world? how do you protect against this? >> it's a tough one for them. they have launched their own investigation. they have issued this statement, quote: delta has taken immediate action with our in-flight caterer at amsterdam to ens
>> bret: he bumper stickers? maybe? thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. drop me a tweet at bret baier, maybe i will tweet back. you never know. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, the u.s. government is forced to release a first round of records on drones in the united states. so why were mississippi state university, cornell university, and the town of otter tail minnesota given the okay to fly them? plus, airline foods may not always taste so great. but they are not usually this dangerous. >> i took three bites out of the sandwich, and bit down hard on something that i thought was a bone. >> shepard: it wasn't a bone. it was a sowing needle. he wasn't the only passenger to get one. tonight, the investigation and delta's response. plus, desperate steps in the search for two missing children. >> we have two missing girls and we have no idea why. >> we just want the girls back. >> shepard: workers now draining a lake in hopes of finding clues. >> the lake is currently dropping at a rate of ab
phelps thinks, is there a new golden boy swimming. what did this u.s. soccer star pull out of her socks. the story behind that note. >>> second chance, mitt romney fresh off the embarrassing comments in london and hoping to avoid missteps in israel. our david muir is with him. >>> missed opportunity? our reporter tracking down the psychiatrist who was see ing colorado shooter james holmes. the question, what did she know and what did she obligate to report. >>> and the newest bond girl -- >> good evening, mr. bond. >>> the story behind that amazing cameo everyone is talking about. >>> good evening. david is on assignment tonight. the first full day of olympic competition is now in the recordbooks and there are some stunning results to report. and take a look at this photo. it says it all. 14-time gold medal swimmer michael phelps in disbelief. almost failing to qualify for an event he won during the last two olympics. meanwhile, the u.s. women's soccer team advanced to the semifinals with a powerful show of skill and team spirit. for more on that and all of the other olympic highlights
. it is necessarily to speak, it is necessary to give a man to speak with us vernlthsz i want to explain how we got here. mali is in the middle of a war that the world needs to watch. the it began when the united states and nato intervened in libya. when the weapons were stolen by islamic radicals. the tour egg used the weapons to fight and declare independence from mali. the country was split in half. the mali government with only about 37,000 troops couldn't stop them, and frustrated by that failure, some commanders staged a koup. mali fell into complete disarray and that's when islamic radicals seized the moment. person after person here has told us they've seen fighters from the middle east. the islamic radicals kept in and kraushd the tour egg. they have many more weapons. 340u7b9 mounted on the back of 4 x 4s. the radicals use those weapons to destroy historic shrines. they say the consequences of the world letting this convinces grow bigger and bigger are dire. >> translator: the actions of the terrorists have direct convinces for europe and the united states. >> i can tell you here people a
, for us, and athena, welcome, and how is the cleanup going? >> good morning, randi. well sh well, the cleanup is going in spits and starts. you can see the debris out here in the medium that is left to be picked up. you can see behind me where a giant tree fell on the power lines here. this tree killed a 27-year-old man on friday night who was driving home from work. it is an example of the kind of thing that the cleanup crews are facing. we were in rockville, maryland, on the other side of washington, d.c. yesterday and there were people out clearing debris, and clearing these giant trees from the road and cutting them down for mulch, but it is a lot they have to do it and they have to do it in the heat today, randi. >> what are the odds that people will get the power back on today? any word on that? >> well, i don't think that you have heard anyone promise that it will be happen today. you can see that this is an extreme situation that we are dealing with something that would take several days to get back on here and having to restring the wires, and you will see the utility po
are alleging massive infiltration of the u.s. government by radical islam i can gee haddists. one of those law makers refused to answer questions about her unproven claim that muslim extremists had infiltrated the government and john mccain took an extraordinary step and went on the senate floor calling her out on it. >> when anyone, not least a member of congress, launches degrading attacks against fellow americans on the basis of nothing more than fear of who they are and ignorance of what they stand for, it defames the spirit of our nation and we all grow poorer because of it. >> now, this almost never happens. a sitting member of congress publicly scolding other sitting members let alone members of members of his party. as we've been reporting, they want the inspectors general of five security agencies to look into what bachmann calls the possible deep penetration, her words, of muslim extremists in the government. they're pointing fingers at a particular person, this woman, huma abedin, implying that she may be somehow working on behalf of the muslim brotherhood. again, senator mccain tod
that they would close some of the loopholes that benefit some of the wealthiest americans. and, mitt, could use this as a chance to show how generous you are. it is true that mitt romney gave $7 million to chair i in the two years that i held up. 2010 and 2011. that's 16.34% of his income. it is more than he paid in federal taxes. now, keep the screen up. it's not like he sat there and hoarded the money he didn't pay to uncle sam. he gave enough away to make his rate 31%. greater than the 30% that president barack obama says should be the minimum rate for wealthy americans. so if you look at it that way, mitt's taxes seem to add up just fine. key make the argument that's why he should seize the narrative. it isn't caving to democrats to release them. not only have many in his oem party called on him to do it, it also lets him take control of the conversation. what's wroen with being known as one of the most generous people in the country? great to see all of you. john, let me start with our strike team question. independent political analysts. we polled them and said is mitt romney hurting hims
, the chief of the federal reserve, got more negative on the state of the u.s. economy. >> given that growth is projected to be not much above the rate needed to absorb new entrance into the labor force, the reduction in the unemployment rate seems likely to be frustratingly slow. >> so what's the solution? well, in note after note from wall street economists and traders today, i read something along the lines of this. bernanke will launch another round of easy money to help the economy. it will bring interest rates even lower. it's just a matter of time, he'll do it, he'll do it, don't worry. that's the kind of talk the addicts use. yearning for more of his powerful drug, which is essentially just cheap, easy money. so many were hoping for another shot of the goods today, but while the fed chairman painted a darker picture of the economy, he also made it clear he is not ready -- not ready to hit us with another round of easy money, at least not yet. >> we are looking for ways to address the weakness in the economy, should more action be needed. >> now ben bernanke also said, quote, congress
during the last two olympics. meanwhile, the u.s. women's soccer team advanced to the quarterfinals with a powerful show of skill and team spirit. for more on that and all of the other olympic highlights we turn to abc's jeffery kofman in london tonight. >> reporter: as expected an american won gold in the pool today but it was not michael phelps. his teammate and friend, ryan lochte smoked him in the 40 intermediate medley. phelps was in fourth place not even a medal. he would barely get out of the pool. he has won medals, including 14 gold in every olympic race since 2000, until today. a tweet from the winner, thanks to my fans. this gold was for lochte nation. and from phelps, congrats to ryan lochte. way to keep that title in the country where it belongs. adding not pleased with my race tonight at all. but tomorrow is a new day and a new race. meanwhile an american upset in archery. the u.s. team knocking out the once unbeatable south koreans, and coming oh, so close to gold, only to be knocked down to silver by an italian that hit bull's-eye. in qualifying it was a wobbly start
this round-robin of interviews, not just with us, but with other networks. wolf, it's interesting to note, he essentially said the same thing, gave the same answers to all of us in the course of all of these interviews. >> he said he would be a zone man as far as picking a vice presidential candidate. he didn't tell you who it would be. >> no, he didn't. and that's been his position so far in this campaign. that he's not going to talk about the vetting process. the vice presidential selection process. but i did ask him, because condoleezza rice's name did come up, whether or not he was concerned about being associated too much with the bush administration. as you know, earlier this week, he had that fund-raiser with dick cheney out in wyoming. it was interesting to note that mitt romney said in that interview that his administration would not be a carbon copy of anything in the past. a note there that he would like to get out that he would not be george w. bush, part ii. >> he was very strong on that specific point. good work, as usual. thanks so much, jim acosta, reporting. president obama a
is not ready -- not ready to hit us with another round of easy money, at least not yet. >> we are looking for ways to address the weakness in the economy, should more action be needed. >> now ben bernanke also said, quote, congress is in charge here. not the federal reserve. and that congress needs to reach an agreement to avoid the fiscal cliff. well, of course, we've joined that chorus until we've been blue in the face over the past year. but the problem, of course, is that congress does not seem to have any intention of dealing with the tax cuts, debt ceiling, sequestration cuts, the things that comprise the fiscal cliff. congress seems to be incapable of doing its job, something that chuck schumer admitted at the hearing today. >> so given that the political realities, mr. chairman, particularly in this election year, i'm afraid the fed is the only game in town. and i would urge you to take whatever actions you think would be most helpful in supporting a stronger economic recovery. >> i like watching ben bernanke's face. he looks down as if his heart has been bron. he could cave. he c
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we think you deserve a look at the people they've been targeting and the tactics they've been using. they've named these two asking a federal inspectors general to investigate muslim brotherhood infiltration. on the right is mohammed elibiary. on the right is huma abedin. both have received threats since being named. some top republicans have risen to her defense. >> these allegations and the report from which they're drawn are nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable citizen, a dedicated american and a loyal public servant. >> the bachmann five website that claims to connect ms. abedin to the muslim brotherhood in this convoluted way. through an organization her late father started decades ago which allegedly had the support of another guy who had another organization that might have had the support of another organization the muslim brotherhood. the website also makes allegations against her brother and mother. as a top aide to the secretary of state, miss abedin has a security clearance. and as such has undergone extensive background checks. now, last
, but consequences for our foreign policy for all of us. it has a real world impact. these allegations are having an impact right now around the world affecting american foreign policy in one of the most sensitive regions around the earth the middle east. we'll show you how in just a moment. first i want to show you what congresswoman bachmann is basing this on. in a 16-page letter, she says that huma abedin's late father, mother and brother are connected to the muslim brotherhood. here's how she figures it. here dead father, who is a professor of social science and the founder of the institute of muslim minority affairs in saudi arabia, decades ago. now bachmann attributes this information to a 2002 article out of brigham young university. according to that article, the institute had the support of another man who is a former general secretary of another group called the muslim world league. now bachmann says according to the pugh forum has a history being closely aligned in partnering with the muslim brother hood. huma abedin's deceased father started an organization, decades ago, allegedly had
's a gold medal performance. that's all for us tonight. "anderson cooper" starts now. >> piers thanks. >>> good evening, everyone. it's 10:00 on the east coast. we begin tonight keeping them honest. with new developments concerning unproven allegations by five republican members of congress that our government is being infiltrated by radical jihadists, members of the muslim brotherhood. we've reported on this numerous times over the last couple weeks. because we have, i've had people and groups point fingers at me, and saying i'm ignorant and nigh ave or aiding and abetting muslim extremists. i've seen radical islamists up close in bosnia, somalia, iraq and other places. i've seen the horrible things they've done overseas and in this country as weapon. later in the broadcast, we're going to look at the role foreign jihadists are playing in syria right now. i'm not defending radical islamists nor am i naive to their beliefs. but what i am talking about is people working in this government making allegations or spreading innuendos about them without any direct evidence. they're dragging
targeting and the tactics they've been using. they've named these two in letters asking a federal insp t inspectors general to investigate. on the left is a man who is a member of president obama's homeland security advisory council. on the right is huma abba continue. both have received threats since being named. some top republicans ha s havss to her defense. >> these allegations and the report from which they're drawn are nothing less than an unwarranted attack on an honorable citizen, a dedicated american and a loyal public servant. >> the website in the following way. through an organization her late father started decades ago which allegedly had the support of another guy who had another organization that might have had the support of another organization the muslim brotherhood. the website also makes allegations against her brother and mother. as a top aide to the secretary of state, miss abedin has a security clearance. and as such has undergone extensive background checks. now, last fall, the fbi gave him an award for, quote, his extraordinary contributions for specific
of a slur. that's not the name of the program. i know oftentimes as pundits, we use it loosely, but some people feel that's a negative term, even a pejorative term, and he was booed. he was actually applauded when he first came out. he got some other rounds of applause, because the -- and these are the very black leaders he claimed to have talked to on fox tonight. he brought about 20 black republicans with him into the room, and they kind of served as applauders for his applause lines. it was bizarre. i think a term you used was weird. he made several of the statements that were really strange. he even made other statements that many of us thought were disrespectful. for example, he talked about preserving traditional marriage, to an organization that most recently, this is the oldest civil rights organization in the country, most recently just endorsed marriage equality. he made a big pitch for charter schools to an organization where there's really no consensus about that. there are a lot of communities, especially in new york, the new york state conference and the naacp is dealing wi
real achievements in business, they show how he would try to run the country. they give us a look at what his tax policy would really be and what he believes in. mitt romney, i don't think, is making the case to the american people that he would be a president that americans can trust. it's all about the tax return. number one, i would like to know, how is he listed? general partner? president, owner? ceo? and then he signed it. i assume he signed his own tax return, even if he had somebody put it together, even if it's 500 pages. and the other thing is the business deductions. did mitt romney have any business deductions that dealt with bain capital? because if he did, he was flat-out lying to the american people when he said he had no n involvement. and maybe mitt romney has made the political calculation that it's just a heck of a lot safer and a hell of a lot easier to lie to the american people than it is to the internal revenue service. get your cell phones out, i want to know what you think. tonight's question -- this is a good one -- what will do more damage to mitt romney
for being with us tonight. have a good one. >>> what was the big surprise when mitt romney spoke to the naacp today? he only got booed three times. >> mitt romney dreams the impossible dream. >> mitt romney went in search of something he had not looked for before. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. >> the african-american vote. >> mission impossible. >> more than 90% of african-americans support the president. >> a high-stakes appearance for moim mitt romney today at the naacp. >> mitt romney and the naacp. >> i do love that music. i have to tell you. i do love listening to that organ music. >> romney just never connected to his audience. >> things went smoothly until he decided to take on the president's health care plan. >> i'm going to eliminate every nonessential expensive program i can find. >> the crowd shouted him down with boos. >> that includes obama care, and i'm going to work to reform and save -- [ audience booing ] >> he is the worst republican in the country. >> all of us saying that rick
's only remaining abortion clinic to close. >> this storm came upon us very quickly without a great deal of notice. >>> the storm that has left millions without power has now claimed 12 lives. temperatures still in the triple digits. what could to blackout mean for your safety? plus, 23 siblings, and married at 17. i will talk to one woman who spent 50 years in a polygamist family and is now speaking out against it. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm randi kay. it is 5:00 on the west coast and 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. my car said it was 112 in atlanta and it is going to be hotter, and the same today with excessive heat warnings issued for 19 states which is complicating the efforts to get the power back on for millions who lost electricity in storms over the past two days. many cities have cooling centers open to help people get a break from the heat. as for the strong storms are being blamed for 12 deaths now, and have left a path of downed trees and damaged homes and millions are waiting for the power to come back on, by it could be days before that happens. cnn's athena jones is live
by on the riduculist. that does it for us. we'll see you again one hour from now. >>> a massive gamble for oil in the arctic, do all the costs of drilling add up? >>> new developments in the is for two girls who disappeared after leaving their grandmother's home. let's go outfront. >>> i'm erin burnett and out front tonight, it's time, mitt. time to put them on the table. we all know what it is. your taxes. here are the romney tax returns. this is 2010 and it's very thick as you can see. here is 2010, this is estimated as you can see, my pink stickies are yellowed from the sun because we've had them out labeled ready to go for a long time. waiting for the other years. aside from killing trees, there really isn't a need to hold back on releasing more. and i'm going to explain why in a moment. but first today mitt romney made the case for non-disclosure again on fox. >> john mccain ran for president and released two years of tax returns. john kerry ran for president, his wife who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns. somehow this wasn't an issue. >> it is an is
despite telling us that she doesn't want the job. is she a real possibility? former candidate fred thompson joins us. it's quite a choice. is it a rumor? >> i am always giddy on the rumor side when it come is to washington. >> greta: it's not unrealistic she may be on the roster. >> no question about it. she is an outstanding person, everybody knows that. one person's opinion doesn't make any sense. from romney's side, doesn't make any sense from her side. i don't think romney wants to spend the next few months talking about the bush administration policies with regard to iron or north korea or anything else that takes the focus off of him. i don't think she wants to get down in the mud in the political arena. she said time and time again, she policy person. this campaign is getting dirtier by the minute. i think that she doesn't want to be used to attack barack obama which is vice president's role would be. she would be attacked from the black leadership who determines what is popular for black politicians to do and not do, and she knows all this. i don't think she wants to do or
. the panama canal and up all night hair on fire fantasies about communists coming up the canal to come get us in the middle of the night, those have been around for a while, in the 1970s and the 1980s. the panama canal was the fast and furious, birth certificate, the president is a secret muslim conspiracy theory of its day. when that panama canal conspiracy theory was lighting up the tin foil hats of the generation ago, it was an ambition politician named ronal reagan who took that issue from the fringe and decide today mainstream it into national m n mainstream republican politics. he based his presidential campaign in part on this insane idea that the panama canal was basically an american state that we can't let the communists steal this american thing from us. he mainstreamed this paranoid far right fantasy that if we went along with our treaty obligations to let panama run its own canal, then america would seize to exist. we would be destroyed as a nation. if panama got control of the panama canal, that would be the beginning of a very quick and bloody end for america. this worked grea
makes of negative headlines in >>> and the prayers. what he told us about what he and his ann did at the western wall. >>> the women's gymnastics team moves on. why was this athlete sobbing. why are there so many empty seats? our team in london. >>> red cross sounding the alarm this evening. blood supply at its lowest point in 15 years. what's behind it and what it means for the rest of us. >>> the biggest fans, best seats in the house. why can't they bear to watch? the moms and dads at the olympic games. their agony and elation. >>> good evening tonight from jerusalem where republican presidential candidate mitt romney is auditioning for a position on the world stage. this evening we feet that election day is now just 100 days from today. this evening romney and his wife ann are having dinner with an old friend, benjamin netanyahu. they worked together years ago. earlier today romney visited the western wall where he placed a prayer he had written inside the wall. tonight he delivered a speech in israel saying "we have a moral imperative to deny iran's leaders the means to follow
." right beforehand he sat down with us. we talked about the threat of iran, the incoming fire from democrats back home over his tax returns and we talked about the all-important debates against president obama, how he thinks the president will perform. >> thank you. governor romney, mitt, it's a pleasure to welcome you to jerusalem. >> reporter: calling him mitt, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomed an old friend to israel. netanyahu and romney worked together years ago, and now he's looking to send a message, that matters it at a time when a staunch american ally wrestles with what to do about iran. one of your advisers said you would respect israel's decision to strike iran on its own. would you support an israeli strike on iran? >> i think i'll use my own terms in that regard, and that is that i recognize the right of israel to defend itself. at the same time, we are as two nations both committed to employing every means we have to keep iran from pursuing their nuclear folly, and that means every diplomatic course, economic forces, as well. sanctions are beginning
is responsible to help i get where you are but we have mentors in life, people that helped us along. the one person that gave you the chance. the way it's taken by many that he meant the government. >> that is positive construction on the statements. i think it's simply revealing. he really does believe that all growth starts with government. $800 billion stimulus. it doesn't have didn't buy any infrastructure it paid for government workers. so that is why the $5.3 trillion that he has increased our national debt really has resulted in no economic growth, no long term self-sustaining jobs because it's total lack of understanding about what made america great. what drives the economy. >> greta: do you think he thinks the stimulus is roaring success? >> no, because he doesn't mention it at all. he refuses to run on his record. that is why he is putting the small ball and trying to divide americans. he has no record to run on other than a record of accumulating debt. does he talk did the healthcare law. i know the supreme court handed him the victory. that lab huge defeat for our budget and hea
, send them to us. >> dave: anyway, we'll talk about that later on. we start with politics, as you know, it's been on the campaign trail, the obama campaign going right after mitt romney, of course, and mentioning that they thought he could have committed a felony in regard to his time at bain capital when he left to run the olympics. the president on saturday staying on the attack in virginia and again going after mitt romney. >> alisyn: then it was interesting to hear the president spokesperson yesterday say this goal for the campaign. here is a quote, of course the president wants to have a high brow debate about these policy issues and what the american people actually care about. that's from general. you know, of course, people on the other side of just laughing about this, because how high brow is it to go for the felony charge of your opponent? >> a swiss bank account, or bermuda business or whatever. >> alisyn: of course the president would say these are all important things to raise, the american public needs to know, if somehow their prospective presidential candidate is misle
with us. [ speaking in french ] hello, omar? omar? >> reporter: i want to explain how we got here. because mally is in the middle of a war that the world needs to watch. it began when the united states and nato intervened in libya when moammar gadhafi was killed, all of his weapons were essentially up for grabs, and they were stolen, stolen by some of the fierce tore regular tribe in mally and it's lambic radicals. the toreg used the weapons to fight and declare independence from mally, something they have wanted for decades. but the country was then split in half. the mallian government, with only 7,000 american-trained troops couldn't stop the toureg. and frustrated, some commanders staged a coup. mali, one of the most successful, fell into disarray. and that's when radicals seized the moment. person after person has told us of fighters seen in libya, algeria, afghanistan and other countries in the middle east. the islamic crushed the toureg, and the men they defeated told us the islamists have many more weapons, rpgs, ak-47s, mortars and high-caliber weapons mounted on the back of 4 x 4
>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, july 15th, i'm alisyn camerota, thanks for joining us so early. days after accusing mitt romney of a felony, obama administration says they want a debate on the issues. is this political double speak? >> the cost of government day. happy cost of government day. that's right, congratulations, taxpayers you've officially worked 197 days so far this year, enough to pay your fair share of government spending. >> clayton a clap for that? >> yeah, it's happy. >> clayton and like a balloon with that graphic. why the boss was shown who's the boss at a performance in lond london. ♪ that's springsteen? >> it might have been. >> dave: i'll take your word for it. i didn't see him. ♪ >> did that naked torso have anything-- i think it was spring break video. >> get to the bottom of it. the mini-van debate we had here on the show and dads are embracing mini-vans and cars and trucks as they get older. back in the day we used to get in the car or truck with dad, it was their-- >> office on wheels. >> clayton not anymore, kids have overtaken these vehic
that the u.s. government is being infiltrated by radical jihadists. we've reported on this over the last few weeks. i've already had some people in groups start to point fingers at me and say i'm at best ignorant or naive and at worst aiding and abetting muslimics stre icics e. i've seen radical islam ists up close. i've seen the horrible things they've done overseas and in this country as well. later in the broadcast, we're going to look at the role foreign jihadists are playing in syria now. i'm not defending radical jihadists. nor am i naive to their intentions or beliefs. sitting members of congress, people in important positions of power, who are point fingers at individuals working in the government making allegations or spreading innuendo about them without any direct evidence. they're dragging people's names through the mud. these are the five members of congress who we're talking about. michele bachmann, thomas rooney and lynn west moreland. over the weekendhey got a new and powerful ally it seems, newt gingrich. he refers to congresswoman bachmann and the others as the national sec
old is new again. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. "the ed show" with ed schultz starts right now. >> good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show" from new york. 119 days before the election, and mitt romney still refuses to quit hiding his wealth. come on, mittster, give us the tax returns. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> he wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his. >> democrats attack mitt romney's secrecy on his tax returns. as republicans get deceptive. >> i think he has released the tax returns. >> maryland governor martin o'malley isn't pulling any punches on his offshore money and he's here tonight. >> voter id which is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> the pennsylvania voter suppression story just got uglier. >> this year, the law required every pennsylvania voter show a photo id at the polls. >> why was a mitt romney fund-raiser paid $250,000 to run the stase's voter id campaign? the out of control republican party is voting to repeal obamacare for the 31st time. >> the american peop
apart on this one. >> karen, i know a patriot who can afford to solve this whole problem for the u.s. olympic team -- mitt romney! he can afford to buy them all new uniforms, made in massachusetts or any home state he wants. >> how about that? l.l. bean could probably do them, right? >> karen finney, thank you very much for joining me tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. >>> "the ed show" is up next. >> good evening, americans, and welcome to "the ed show" from new york. 113 days before the 2012 election and the obama campaign has republicans clamoring for mitt romney's tax returns. tonight, i'll tell you what i think romney's hiding. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> governor romney's economic plan would, in fact, create 800,000 jobs. there's only one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. >> the president hits mitt romney hard on jobs and outsourcing, and mitt romney hits back at a former candidate's wife. >> john kerry ran for president, you know, his wife, who has hundreds of millions of dollars, she never released her tax returns. >> just how offtarget is the romney campa
repeal obamacare. let's get rid of the boss once and for all. >> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. the cloud of secrecy surrounded mitt romney's finances is refusing to lift. in colorado today, romney said president obama and the democrats are trying to avoid a real debate on the issues. >> the president the other day was kind enough to give me a call on the day that i cinched the nomination and he said i congratulate you and i think the country will benefit from an important and honest debate on the issues. and on the course for america, the future for america. and i think that's absolutely right. so far, his campaign hasn't started that. all they're doing is attacking on every diversion they can come up with. >> it's difficult for the president of the united states to have an honest and open debate with mitt romney when americans still don't know much about mitt romney and his finances. vice president joe biden explained why romney's double standard hurts him among voters during his speech to the hispanic advocacy group la raza. >> instead of answering the questions
, and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. happy birthday toob vin diesel. vin diesel turned 45 today. and on the occasion of the birthday of the movie star who oddly looks like newark mayor cory booker a lot, vin diesel's wildly successful car related fast paced exploding movie "fast and furious" is back in the news. at least it's back in the news paper. this is an ad, look at this, this is an ad that ran in the washington times today. the washington times is the moony newspaper in washington, d.c. in my opinion, it is not a particularly credible newspaper as a source of news, but it is a conservative milk piece of source, so the washington times does get read, at least by republicans. in the washington times today, a $100,000 reward is offered for verifiable evidence of white house involvement in operation fast and furious. a bounty. so years of obsessive conspiracy minded investigations by house republicans did not turn up any evidence of this. but maybe this reward money in the moony newspaper in washington will. this ad was linked to roll column newspaper today, t
. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it. fair and balanced. >>> this is the fox report tonight. the new and stunning developments in syria. a bomb explodes at the very heart of government. leaders killed. the regime teetering, and fears of what a backed in the corner president might do before the end comes. the attack hitting right at the heart of syria's power center. a bomb detonating during a high profile security meeting. top officials reported killed in the blast. >> there's a sense that the situation is deteriorating. now a middle east analyst warns the syrian regime could collapse within hours. the united states and more than 20 other nations taking part in an enormous training mission. >> we're building the ability to work together. >> and fox news takes you along for a firsthand look. >>> plus, get off the couch and get some exercise. you'll see why researchers say just sitting around could actually be worse for your health than smoking. but first on fox this wednesday night, the astounding strike at the very heart of the syrian government that many leaders now
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